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While Stonehill Produce specializes in avocados, we can procure any commodity worldwide, including apples, berries, citrus, melons, tomatoes and more. Everything from apples to zucchini can be sourced domestically or imported.

The person behind this arm of our company is Dave Wiles. Dave has experience working every job imaginable in the produce industry — including Class A driver, buyer, and posts in marketing and operations. Dave understands how to select, transport and store every commodity at the proper temperature, humidity and like ethylene sensitivity. Transporting commodities that can make the ride together is a very important step of the supply chain. Dave actively follows weather reports in the respective commodities’ growing areas and coordinates with growers on everything from picking and packing schedules to potential gaps in supply.

Dave’s two decades of retail produce experience started at Boney’s Markets, a chain store in San Diego, and led him to Sprouts Farmers Markets, where he was the original director of produce and stockholder for the first two years after the store launched. He handled produce procurement, transportation, and merchandising the produce department to achieve the desired volume. He ensured all operations adhered to food safety mandates and verified all growers had the proper food safety audits, from the growers’ fields, harvest and packinghouse facilities. Dave also had tenure with Wild Oates Markets, Inc., and Sunflower Markets prior to Sprouts’ purchase of Sunflower.

Dave is based in our Arizona office and travels across the U.S. and to multiple countries. He introduces growers to retailers, processors and wholesalers — allowing for the opportunity for customers to meet growers during promotional campaigns. Customers know the exact origin of their produce, with complete traceability from a field, grove, packinghouse, and proper transport all the way to the customer.

This level of expertise sets Stonehill apart. The relationships we have within this industry are based on trust and honest communication which have taken years to cultivate and grow. These relationships are the heart of our business, and they give us the insights into crop conditions and supply expectations that we’re able to share with our customers. Dave and all of Stonehill’s representatives work together to produce results, beginning to end, A to Z.

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