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Established 1998

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Since launching in 1998, Stonehill Produce has built a reputation as a premier importer of Hass avocados from Mexico to the United States. Each day, the company imports nearly 400,000 avocados — and every single one can be traced back to its original grove. These growers and packers have been carefully selected by Stonehill for their consistency and reliability in quality, price and high health standards.

Through years of dedication, the company has cultivated strong relationships in every facet of the produce industry — from growers and packers to wholesale suppliers, the foodservice industry and retailers. They’ve earned the trust of clients and competitors alike with their professionalism, knowledge and reputation.

These relationships give Stonehill Produce one of its most important assets — constant communication, that’s open and honest, with others throughout the produce industry. The company knows what’s happening in the various growing regions, is informed about fluctuations in field pricing, and stays current on import conditions. This allows for educated market forecasts which are critical in helping Stonehill clients make the best purchasing decisions possible — a cumulative expertise which truly sets the company apart.

Blue Book Rating

Stonehill Produce - Blue Book Member Seal

BB# 159843
Stonehill Produce, Inc.
Dana Point, CA Rating: 200M XXXX B
Blue Book Rating: 888

We think of our clients as partners, and we hope they view us in the same way. We’re not simply trying to sell a product; we’re trying to strengthen the produce industry and advance our clients’ best interests so we can all be more successful together. This is what Stonehill is known for — it’s what we’ve worked toward for nearly two decades. We’re passionate about what we do, we believe in a strong work ethic, and we love sharing the knowledge we’ve gained to help you become successful tomorrow.


While Stonehill Produce was founded nearly 20 years ago in 1998, the members of our team easily have a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in the produce industry. It’s not a reflection of our age, but of the fact that we’ve dedicated our careers to this line of work! We’ve lived by the harvest calendar, learned what every weather forecast means to the crops, and grasped the economics of field pricing. When you spend decades committed to understanding an industry, you naturally build strong relationships with others who are doing the same. That’s why we have such strong allies in our growers and packers in Mexico, and it accounts for open communication we’ve developed with professionals in every facet of the produce industry.


With almost two decades of experience, Stonehill Produce has an incredible knowledge base on the produce industry — particularly avocados. We can tell you about everything from the seasonal changes in oil content to proper handling and ripening procedures. We’re constantly analyzing sales volume and import data, and we truly understand the impact those numbers have on the market: both what’s happening today, and what lies ahead. Our open lines of communication with growers and packers mean we can project about two weeks ahead whether field pricing is heading up or down, and we absolutely share that information honestly with our clients so they can make smart purchasing decisions.

Stonehill Produce History

  1. Stonehill Produce - Headquarters


    Jan 01 1998

    Founded Stonehill Produce Inc. out of my apartment off Stonehill Drive

  2. Moved

    Feb 01 2000

    Moved into 200 square foot office (3 desks)  on PCH in Dana Point – LK Point Building

  3. Expansion

    Mar 01 2002

    Took over another suite expanding from 200 to 400 square feet (same building)

  4. Mexican Hass Avocados

    Apr 01 2004

    Mexican Hass avocados allowed into the United States for the first time ( 19 North Eastern States)

  5. Mexican Hass Avocados Expand

    May 31 2005

    Mexican Hass avocados allowed into 33 states

  6. Expansion

    Jul 01 2005

    Moved into Larger Suite occupying 800 Square Feet (same building)

  7. Mexican Hass Avocados

    Aug 01 2006

    Mexican Hass avocados allowed into 47 states (all states except avocado growing states)

  8. Stonehill Expands to AZ

    Aug 31 2006

    Stonehill  Arizona in Phoenix established with a focus on Retail Sales

  9. Avocados Everywhere

    Sep 01 2007

    Mexican Hass Avocados opened to all of the United States

  10. Stonehill Expands to TX

    Sep 30 2008

    Stonehill Texas sales office put in place as well as Occupying Evergreen Coldstorage for up to 25 loads per week. Established ourselves as “The Exclusive Sales Agent/Importer” for one of the largest single packers of Mexican Hass Avocados. Expanded staff to 6 full-time employees and grew from $25 Million to $42 Million in Gross Revenue

  11. Stonehill Produce - Headquarters

    Moving Locations

    Oct 06 2009

    Moved Stonehill Headquarters to Capistrano Beach with 1100 square feet and 180-degree ocean view.

  12. Stonehill Today

    Jan 01 2016

    Currently 9 employees, 3 office locations throughout the United States and over 50 Million in Annual Gross Sales

Our Team

Decades of experience leads to educated purchasing decisions

Stonehill Produce - Keith Slattery

Keith Slattery

Founder and CEO

Stonehill Produce - Dave Billings

David Billings

General Manager

Stonehill Produce - Dave Wiles

Dave Wiles

Retail Sales Manager: Arizona Division

Stonehill Produce - Peter Perez

Peter Perez

Sales Representative

Stonehill Produce - Joaquin Urias

Joaquin Urias

Sales and Business Development: Texas division

Stacy McCoy

Stacy McCoy


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