Stonehill Produce – Suppliers

Current & Potential Suppliers

Stonehill Produce has built a strong network of avocado growers and packers based on shared long-term goals: the idea that hard work and open communication, in collaboration with reliable partners, results in greater success for everyone. We strive to create relationships with our suppliers that will stand the test of the time, working together and sharing information that benefits all parties: the grower, the packer, the importer and the customer.

 With nearly two decades of experience, Stonehill understands avocados better than most. We have zero learning curve when we step into a new relationship with a supplier. We come with a nationwide customer base strongly in place that consists of a balance of retailers, wholesale distributors and foodservice companies. We import nearly 400,000 avocados a day — 20-25 loads each week — and we’re reliable and consistent in our purchasing, allowing you to focus on growing, harvesting and other areas of your business.