Stonehill Produce – Facilities and Food Safety

Facilities & Food Safety

There are eight to ten growers and packers we partner with to procure avocados, selected based on their reliability, consistency and commitment to long-term relationships. This diversity in suppliers means that Stonehill is able to maintain its import levels and dependably fill orders.

 Immediately after it’s picked, the avocados are cleaned, graded and cooled to 40 degrees to stop the ripening process. Then they travel by truck 18-20 hours to our warehouse in Texas, where they’re inspected for quality, temperature and blemishes. Our warehouse quality control members are in regular communication with sales associates at all three Stonehill offices: in Southern California, Arizona and Texas. Photos of the fruit can be sent to customers who want to see the contents of their shipment ahead of time. We process 20-25 truck loads into our Texas warehouse each week.

 The quality of the avocados we import is our top priority, and our growers, packers and storage facilities have regular audits by internationally recognized health inspectors. All health inspection data from across the supply chain is shared with us, and each and every avocado can be traced back to its original grove at any time through grower lot numbers for food safety reasons. We pledge to deliver only the safest and highest quality avocados available.