Stonehill Produce has provided quality assured fresh produce specializing in avocado to wholesalers, retailers, and the food service industry for the past twenty years though we are constantly seeking innovative new ways to grow and diversify to be of best benefit. We have recently partnered with a growers cooperative and processing facility in Costa Rica that will enable us to import a full range of frozen or aseptic fruits and vegetables.

We have had the privilege of supplying fresh produce to corporate chain accounts, national distributors, and major retail markets though we now have expanded our capacity to accommodate the needs of industrial manufacturers with cost-effective packaging presentations customized to meet buyer’s specifications. Our farmers harvest crops during peak season to assure optimum freshness when processing.

Stonehill Produce along with our Global Partnership is currently processing butternut squash, pumpkin and sweet potato purees in large industrial containers ideal for manufacturing. The majority of our products we produce on our sustainable farms are certified organic with superior quality certifications and accreditations.


Sustainability is the trend in the industry; however, Stonehill Produce and its partners believe not only it is good business, but it’s the “Right Thing” to do. The world is in debt to nature and we are committed to doing our part. We are partnering with other companies who share the same core values.

Organic Products

Our organic growing practices are in compliance with the USDA – NOP Standards. Stonehill’s partners adhere to a strict, sustainable protocol in all its growing and processing procedures. The products are prepared, packed and stored under sanitary conditions in accordance with the current good manufacturing practices. As well as being commercially sterile in accordance with FDA processing regulations.

Stonehill Produce - Puree Avocado