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Premiere Knowledge Leader providing market insights to increase revenue, and to maximize avocado profits.

Stonehill Produce 360 Avocado Knowledge
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Experience Edge, Information Vault, Quality Commitment, Forecasting Specialty

Our Experience Edge

Founded over 20 years ago, Stonehill Produce has grown into the premiere knowledge leader and leading Mexican Hass avocados importer. Our team of industry veterans has over 100 years of experience in the avocado industry.

Our Information Vault

When you spend decades committed to understanding an industry, you naturally build strong relationships with others who are on the same pathway. That’s why we have so many strong allies in the Mexican Hass avocado industry – growers, packers, and many other professionals throughout the entire supply chain.

Our Forecasting Accuracy

We live by the harvest calendar, and learn what every weather forecast means to the crop. This gives us a comprehensive, 360° knowledge of field and market economics. This 360° knowledge is utilized to review the previous week, analyze the current week, and make forecasts for developments in the weeks and months ahead. These forecasts educate our partners, and help them make informed decisions that add value and profitability to their bottom line.

Our Quality Commitment

We are committed to uncompromising Quality Control through our proprietary QC Complete TM program. Working out of our cold-storage warehouse on the Texas border, our full-time specialists inspect and approve every load using our QCC protocol.

The process is fully transparent and built around full disclosure. Customers can receive a comprehensive QC Complete TM Report, with photographs, before their fruit ships… Learn More