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360° Knowledge Generator™

360 Knowledge GeneratorOur team of avocado veterans consistently provide key information relevant to avocados and the current market. This expert data analysis and experience drives our proprietary 360°Knowledge Generator TM. Stonehill Produce’s proprietary information is unique to the avocado industry. This holistic avocado information comes from multiple streams of data through open communication with professionals, analysis of information, and verified digital resources. It’s like multiple avocado streams of information that feed into a deep lake, where the information is cultivated, filtered, analyzed, and converted into value-producing avocado knowledge. Below is a snapshot look at a fraction of the quantitative and qualitative information categories we use to generate strategic knowledge.

  • Avocado Blooms
  • Avocado Grove Elevations
  • Weather
  • Avocado Logistics
  • Avocado Oil Content
  • Competitor Avocado Crop Projections
  • Avocado Harvest Patterns
  • Avocado Fruit Sizes
  • Avocado Crop Projections
  • Avocado Movement
  • Avocado Field Pricing
  • Avocado Market Prices
  • Avocado News From Municipalities
  • Avocado Resources
  • Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (MHAIA)
  • Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado Mexico (APEAM)
  • Hass Avocado Board
  • California Avocado Commission

Information coming out of Stonehill’s proprietary 360° Knowledge Generator™ is turned into VALUE for our CUSTOMERS and published every Wednesday as the Market Pulse

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We Know Mexican Hass Avocados!

Founded over 20 years ago, Stonehill Produce has built a veteran, “time-tested” team that you can trust. As a group, we have over 100 years of produce industry experience and we know the Mexican Hass avocado industry inside and out. That knowledge helps Stonehill consistently generate market intelligence and insights about what growers, packers, and buyers are doing at all times. This valuable information is turned into actionable knowledge and distributed weekly to the Mexican Hass avocado industry.

We understand the value of communicating what is strategically important in the market, not relying on guesswork.

Our expertise in the Mexican Hass avocado deal includes comprehensive Country-Of-Origin intel on the major avocado producers around the world. That includes California, Peru, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia. Stonehill focuses on developing long-term relationships with our customers that are based on EARNING business through trust, knowledge, and adding value to your bottom line. And that is why we have retained well over 90% of our customers in the past 10 years.

Avocado packing house conveyor belt

Our Quality Commitment

Stonehill Produce is committed to uncompromising Quality Control through our proprietary QC Complete TM program. Working out of our cold-storage warehouse on the Texas border, our full-time specialists inspect and approve every load using our QCC protocol:

  • In-House Inspection
  • Pack Dates
  • Fruit Pressure
  • Pulp Temp
  • Visual Grades
  • Blemishes & Defects

The process is fully transparent and built around full disclosure. Customers can receive a comprehensive QC Complete TM Report, with photographs, before their fruit ships.