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Stonehill’s Weekly Avocado Market Pulse (Week 05 – 2/02/22) “Straight Down the Middle”

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Stonehill’s Weekly Avocado Market Pulse (Week 01 – 1/05/22)

[pdf-embedder url="https://stonehillproduce.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/WK1.pdf"...

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Stonehill on Twitter

Stonehill on Twitter

When AVOCADOLAND doles out a difficult-to-understand crop, it's imperative to have accurate and up-to-date intel to maximize your avocado category. 🥑

Let's talk #avocados, strategize, and increase your #freshproduce bottom line! 📈 Contact Keith @ 949.456.6459

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Keith gives us a flyover snap shot of what's happening in AVOCADOLAND at the beginning of this week.

Get the market intel you need to maximize your avocado category! 🥑 Call or text Keith @ 949.456.6459 or email Slattery@StonehillProduce.com
#avocados #fruit #avolovers #grocery

Check out this week's avocado numbers, and learn how we provide the MOST TRUSTED intel on the U.S. Avocado Deal! 🥑

📍Learn more at http://www.StonehillProduce.com

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Whoa! Avocado promotions come crashing back to earth. 🥑

Get market intel, let’s talk #avocados, or get some orders going!

Call or text Keith at 949.456.6459 or email Slattery@StonehillProduce.com.

#freshproduce #grocery #supermarkets #fruit

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Stonehill on LinkedIn

Stonehill on LinkedIn

Sizes & Ripeness

Avocado PLU Size Chart

Stages of Avocado Ripeness

Stage 1

Firm / Hard

  • Fruit pressure above measurability by a penetrometer
  • 35 lbs. pressure

Stage 2


  • Very hard fruit
  • Usually green in color
  • 26+ lbs. pressure

Stage 3


  • Read-to-eat in about 3 days if held at room temperature
  • 15-25 lbs. pressure

Stage 4


  • Slight give to the fruit
  • Ready-to-eat in approximately 2 days if held at room temperature
  • 10-15 lbs. pressure

Stage 5


  • Yields or easily yields to gentle pressure
  • Good for slicing and all uses
  • Fully ripe within a day
  • 0-9 lbs. pressure