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Avocado trees originated in Mexico more than 10,000 years ago. The country’s ratio of sunshine to rainfall, along with its rich volcanic soil, offers the perfect growing conditions for the plant. All year long, the state of Michoacán produces smooth, creamy Hass avocados; it’s the only spot in the world where they bloom in every season. Avocados harvested during the bloom cycle referred to as “Normal” are available from September through February. From March through June, the bloom cycle is called “Marzeña”, and from July through September it’s “Loca”. The “Aventajada” bloom cycle overlaps with some of these, offering avocados from July through October.

The four bloom cycles create a dependable year-round supply. The flavor of Hass avocados has made them a favorite in the United States, and they also boast a superior size, shelf-life and yield compared to other types — which is why they’re the varietal of choice for us at Stonehill Produce. We import nearly 400,000 of them each day.

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